Thursday, September 6, 2012


Orient Land Trust / Valley View Hot Springs rank in my top 3.

this is the source pool and it was too hot this time around
This second to the top pool was shady w/ a great view of the valley
or I could turn to my right at view the hot cascade
two new pools were under construction!

the largest pool where I spend a fair amount of time.
sun beaming through the clouds over the valley

Eating melon on the back porch of the OAK HOUSE

I stayed two full days and bailed out 9pm to head towards Cottonwood HS.
Didn't make it too far that night. Camped streamside on the pass.
1st time at Cottonwood & I was there bright & early
you have to wear swimwear here. this is the largest pool

this is the coolest, still warm, not a cold plunge

102 or so....

a shaded 102 - spent a lot of time chatting in here.

the elbow pool. 108  too hot for my blood.

the chairs streamside were lovely & relaxing.
I was up before dawn and drove up Cottonwood Pass/ Atlantic side
this is the Pacific side of the Continental Divide

get to the top of the pass and you're on the Continental Divide

Glorious sunrise as I drove back down and into Breckenridge
I sorta kept to myself at Valley View. But I met two outstanding individuals at Cottonwood. Judy from Evergreen and Bill from Denver. Bill's son hopped trains for 10 years and wrote a book that I'm now trying to track down called HOBO. If you're a used bookstore shopper, put that on your seeking list, please! Bill told me to visit the KING OF DUMPSTER DIVING  - Jerry Simpson - when I got back to Denver. I put it on my list. Judy invited me to her cabin in the woods of Evergreen & I hope to be able to visit her.

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