Monday, September 3, 2012

Wichita even more

Brodie was working a lot so Bianca & I spent a lot of time hanging!

Jenny Wood  invited me to a backyard music fest
cute kitties entertained between sets

What you talking 'bout, WILLIS?
Jenny is one intense singer....
Bianca encourages the prize fighter, BERYL>

took some walks in College Hill. my favorite house.

Gagoosh gets deburred by mama...
lots of good dinners from the stove of Bianca

take a look at those colors...
was able to see all these old timers at young Noah's BDAY

Noah wanted me to sit in his chair

Presents time!
Zep and I farkeled at the bowling alley.

Caught Jeremy at home w/ Brian to the pool

Jeremy took Zep & I to the pool party he was attending.
Zep accidentally took this. Bianca & the Roller Disco patch
Alf in his domain upstairs.
Max snuggles up to the AC vent.
semi sneaking into the watermelon patch
Brodie left the money and I hopped the fence to pick.   VIDEO

Swimming with Noah at the Andover Y.. SPLASH DOWN!
fried okra!!
family farkle night... zep was hard to beat.
LAST DAY in Wichita, Brodie took the family to Aley Public Pool for the afternoon!
Brodie tossed out the Watermelon.     VIDEO
 Brodie's first go looked a little painful... VIDEO
Synchronized diving, Olympic perfection?

pretty good for beginners...

another backflip - sure is fun being upside down.

the ingenious reverse watermelon     VIDEO

Zep conquered the fear and stepped off !

this guy had us laughing all afternoon!
Bianca - lovely self portrait - out to dinner that final evening.

Brodie&Zep were anxious to see if I'd like the spicy lemonade.

HMMMMM..... not so bad.....
so long Wichita.... should be back next year hopefully just with my bicycle....   my timing was poor in that Patrick, Kelly, and Wild Will were all with their dad in Nebraska during this visit.... 

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