Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Minnesota, eh?

Ames, IOWA, pivot to fakie.
Kaja always talked about Ecopolitan. Glad we went!

Raw tostadas for me!!!
Steve pizza search ended back here with a raw pizza. not too stoked.
We slept in front of 3rd Lair and met the park cat in the morning.

Glad to see TK is a Beverly Hills Cop fan!

Steve's board hangs on the wall between Chico & Clint
Skated the 114 foot wide mini ramp. Steve floats one.

the standard pivot fakie... someone should push me to grind them again.
The Doozie from Tao Natural Foods & Cafe
  We then proceeded to hit up Familia and Cal Surf, then made tracks for Madison, WISCO.

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