Friday, September 28, 2012

OLD FAITHFUL - dusk til dawn

I hadn't seen Kenny since last DEC in San Diego
I drove to Kenny's summer residence in the tiny town of Dubois, ID. Turns out he was all finished with his job so we packed him up and headed to Yellowstone. He summer job with the forest service provided him with a free National Parks pass. I wouldn't have gone to Yellowstone if we couldn't get it for free.
Dubois is in eastern ID so it was a quick drive to WY
Saw this patriot walking the road near West Yellowstone

a cherried out Sprinter in front of us at the entrance to the park
Once inside the photo ops were endless...

animals lounging on the roadside as we made tracks for OLD FAITHFUL

watermelon while we waited for the eruption
there she blew

and just as the sun was setting! perfect!
it was a cold night in the van
preparing the City Cakes donuts as she surprised us

ummmmmm... donuts at Old Faithful!
every 90 minutes - plus or minus 10
from there we set out to see the other hot water in the area.

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