Monday, September 3, 2012

upper midwest....

i love all the bridges in Pittsburgh!

Stoked to meet Jake Johnson @ One Up. He traded his board for dvds and wants to live in a van!
Pizza from THE ROOT Cafe near Cleveland.
Outstanding DVD display at WESTSIDE in Lakewood, OH.
early morning wallride action
Gnarly OHIO pool.

Randomly ran into Smelly Curb Zine legend Donny Humes!

Token pivot to fakie.......p: humes
battery trouble. neighbors lent a hand!
took a hobo bath in this river right as some canoer's were floating by!

killer sidewalk art in downtown Cleveland.
Cleveland coast line on Lake Erie.

got into Columbus and went right to Hal & Al's for a bagel bun burger!
On the way into Dayton the fan belt exploded.

Having to get a tow is a very humbling experience.
Back on the road in 24hrs, I went right to the Alien Workshop!

plenty of Mosaics left in stock

Quick trip to Kettering to see the 1st skate plaza.
Had mural at Old School Skates near Columbus
only had a half hour with Buddy @ Rise
 then it was off to Bloomington!

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