Sunday, September 2, 2012

The State of New York

Damon @ Seasons was the 1st stop in the state of NY.
A lovely lady shared her massaged kale salad with me @ Lil Buddha

the fight against fracking became apparent in Albany!
slept in the hills and found this spring coming into Ithaca!
a little morning swim...  step 1 = VIDEO
step 2
step 3..... approaching splashdown!
stoked to find Treman State in for free too!
Ithaca storefronts against fracking! 
was expecting this at

Taughannock Falls

but only got a trickle this time of year.

Aaron @ KruDco in Rochester!
JP @ Sunday in Buffalo!
I was only 20 minutes from the border so I made tracks to American Falls

on the other side was Niagara Falls!!!    VIDEO

with a little more distance.
there was a tightrope walker traveling between these two highrises

Most of us mainly think about New York City when the state of New York comes up in conversation. But now I know what people mean about upstate New York and so on.... Ithaca was my favorite... I could spend some more time there! I slept in a roadside parking lot and made tracks for Pittsburgh at daylight.

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