Thursday, September 6, 2012

house sitter

from the Fort, I motored down I-25 to Denver with the hopes of hanging with Rori & Jake before I took them to the airport en route to New York City.
awesome graffiti in their alleyway

I didn't think it was appropriate to take photos @ Hot Chick-a-latte
on the ride back from the airport, sabrina & I stopped at NOOCH

Josh and his newly opening vegan grocery store!

It had only been open a week with more product coming in all the time.

I found the Vegan Van foodtruck & their Rock Steady Ceasar!

charming color scheme in Capitol Hill
303 Boards is right down the streets. Sam & the boys stock dvds!
Rori had been hyping the monthly roller skating party.

but she went out of town, so Hannah boogied with me

i like the night life, i like to boogie

on the disco.... ROUND...  ahhhhhhh

Hannah can go backwards and brought a friend..!
camp crystal lake slasher staff at the roller party

and now a word from our sponsors......
The Watercourse is a close bike ride away
went to Summer's birthday celebration

had breakfast at the Mercury Cafe

saw Chris Sessions in his new role as dog whisperer
we drove past 3000 Denton - home of the bodybag!

Went out to a swimming hole, sessions and LG knew about

Gorgeous little canyon just past RED ROCKS

one can jump off the waterfall into the head high waters below

Saw Stoots at the park
hung with Illya for an afternoon.

it was time to let go of the nerf, BOONE was stoked.

on the way back from biking Boone to school, we saw this.
it was rad seeing Allan take on one of this customer's dad!

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