Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aspen to Marble

the PUNCH BOWL was a blast!       VIDEO
Can you dig it?

Such a pretty spot, & plenty deep any time of year.
one of the fellas took the leap from one side to the other!

the Aspen trees were turning on Independence Pass
I enjoy the curves of the Aspen Skatepark
Crouse was living in Snowmass right before I met him.
Got over the stairs at the Snowmass Skatepark

OG Carbondale was out of my league, but the new pour is FUN!
Pivot fakie on a concrete lip!
went for a soak at Penny and chatted up some hikers
the gal @ Slow Grooving made me a map to Julie's.

slept at Thompson Park in Marble

this beautiful puppy woke me up in the morning - predawn
back to Penny for dawn patrol

Good morning, Colorado!

this is the way I like to start the day....river level
sampled Avalanche Ranch from 9-1. thanks for the tip, Julie.

three pools to soak in... the largest is the coolest.
good shade on the medium heat

the hottest pool had no shade.
laying out over whale rock you get the massaging effect of the waterfall

made a friend over lunch
tiny houses for rent...I surely will return here when I have a gf.

such a good use of space... I really want to stay overnight in this

kale salad on a comfy chair in the shade.

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