Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adventure with Crouse

coming thru Green River, UT, I had to stop for a melon

Green River used to be the WATERMELON capital of the USA
I was there on MONDAY and Melon Days began that Fri.
Saw a chain gang doing roadside work in Green River.
I only made it 40 miles before I stopped to consume.

Beautiful Price Canyon

made Aaron & Em dinner from my Coalatree bounty
Aaron was on fire with the early morning stories   VIDEO
Em made me a delicious green smoothie for breakfast
a dog seeking service at the local post office

Crouse drove me to the nudist ranch; sadly it was closed due to mosquitos

it was located on Nudist Rd.
we started at Provo Falls and hiked upstream
lots of photo ops
Crouse pushed his boundaries to get out on his log
creekin on steroids
I love waterfalls no matter how big

on the slant

that water is COLD, but the trash has to GO!

close to the end of the line
at the end of the line, it was time for a hobo bath

we were hoping to see ACE the zebra, but only saw Salty in the distance
then this 32 pounder caught my eye at the store
16hours later there was nothing left, oddly I wanted more.

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