Tuesday, September 4, 2012

KC into Lincoln

first stop was for lunch @ Eden Alley

Dan @ Escapist was next.. got to see Red & Yellow!!!

Cafe Gratitude opened up across the street. Dan is stoked!
Got into Lincoln late, but Steve and I were out early on the bikes.
Maggie's for breakfast!

Maggie is on the top of her gig and promised to come to Steve's photo show
the rad bike rack outside Open Harvest Coop
I got a watermelon to celebrate INTL WATERMELON DAY! Aug 3rd

biking over to the LOST SOLES photo show. state capital
I love photographing steve photographing stuff
Steve gets interviewed for the local high end magazine

Mike Smith. The show was a fundraiser for Skate for Change
was fortunate to experience Skate for Change 1st hand

a slice of pizza and some conversation with a guy who lost his dog
pizza, water, and socks to a fella in need

stoked to find this motherload! local NE melons
ate at Maggie's Veg one final time....

what's going on here?
Steve slides it to fakie in downtown Lincoln
We went to a mini ramp birthday party. Phil hangs up

Matt Ratliff switch tre fakie

Steve whips into the back D.
and the next morning Steve & I headed out for a week on the road.....

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