Thursday, September 6, 2012


lunch at WaterCourse with Clare
Rori had told me that their friend Clare from Australia was going to be staying at the house on Saturday night. I was hoping she'd arrive before I went to bed, but it wasn't to happen. 20 minutes after I laid down, I heard someone come in the house, then soon fell asleep. Maybe 30 minutes later, the light goes on and I hear someone, apologizing. Claire had walked in on me as I slept and I sleep NAKED when it's hot and it was hot........... No one had told her that I was staying in the house and she thought she was all alone....  She quickly turned off the light and remained....and we made introductions and talked for a little while in the dark....  It honestly wasn't awkward at all.... Very matter of fact and genuine. We proceeded to hang out for the next 5 days. Each day Clare would talk about going to the mountains the next day, but one thing or another would happen and she would remain with me on Corona. Before we knew it, she was in the car when I picked up Rori/Jake/Piper from the airport....

We had a very pleasant interaction with Bubbles at City o City.
Sitting outside with a view of the Capitol building

City O's OSO salad is a keeper!

Belljar bassman Joshua Aaron Schacterle came over for a visit
spied this amazing tee at buffalo but couldn't pull the trigger.
With Clare by my side, we brought WF to their knees!
 It's a long story.... So ask me about it... 

Josh at NOOCH told us about the NEAT MARKET

so we went to check it out.....
Beet Box Bakery with their full wares. Retail space opening soon

Vegan Van was on site!
two van lifers and their vans
the Miller's sure were surprised to see Clare in the car at the airport
Clare takes her turn with the rocket car

now you see it......

now you don't.....

went to CHEESMAN for some wiffleball
Rori & I got comped at WF on two packs of quinoa burgers!

sitting outside for dinner

Clare and her magic wands.

Princess on patrol in the front yard... post HK show

Jake founds some smokie snakes in the junkdrawer.
Clare got me the Melon Man tee !!!
Yeah... I totally fell for her....She's leaving the country Sept 12th...  Who knows what'll happen... It sure was a wonderful week....

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