Tuesday, September 4, 2012

across IOWA

Steamed right into Davenport - Downtown Central Perk set me up!

didn't stop at the World's Largest Truckstop - central I-80

Mitch @ Full Kit had this rad Ed flyer framed on the wall
The New Pioneer Coop had local watermelons and quinoa choc.

rad sign outside the Iowa City Library
original PE Lotti on the wall at EduSkate
Nate checks dvds and Steve surveys the scene

Nate shows off some of his collection....  Rad Gonz patch from the 80's!
Went to the theatre that evening to see CAMP ROCK !

Nate holding court at the local skatepark

Nate 360 pressures to manny across the mini ramp flat

sludge on the Cedar River... it's a high fructose corn syrup town

Pivot fakie on the spine..    VIDEO

the venom flip hits the back.    VIDEO
then we hit the streets after warming up at the park. NATE

psyched on the cloth napkins at Trumpeting Blossom
The Red Avocado is closed, but the Trumpeting Blossom is open
Quick stop to see Kevin @ Subsect in Des Moines
next stop OMAHA....

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