Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the unexpected way home

turns out the DRINK WATER org has their office at Silas' tf

Klich beanplants the wall to fakie

Kerry & Klich look on as Nick Peterson tailgrab nosegrinds the doorway

Klich punches off the qp to the wall to fakie
Klich made stuffed shells for Rachelle's birthday dinner
I stayed at Chad's for a few days.... Carlton welcomed me

Chad & Ago

Chad showed me the new Sudra spot in SE

Kenny in green @ his kids art show

Kenny hitting a new ledge spot by the house

Veggie Grill with Kerry on his lunch hour
1st stop on the waterfall tour - Horsetail

hiked two miles in the rain to Ponytail Falls w/ Brian & his pal

world famous Multnomah Falls / over the course of the 2 hour drive we saw in the neighborhood of 20 falls
a ride share came in the way of this text...

the southbound drive with Alyssa was pretty chill
17.25 hours later and I'm eating tacos @ Pokez

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