Thursday, March 13, 2014

no longer behind the wheel

After less than a week being "home", I had the opportunity to jump in a van with 6 associates and go to a music fest in San Jose called THINK OR DIE THINKING. Jan 1st 8pm we departed.....
Chad picked me up & we caught the sunset in OB before departing with the crew
after sleeping in Rancho Palos Verde, we started with a stop @ Channel Street
 DAY # 1 notes : Yee grabs. Loving Hut closed. Grazed @ WF. Saw Louie. OB- Sunset. dude mistakes my guitar. free soup. walk to hodad's. TED. rollerblade interview at gas pump. Carolina's hot tub party.sleep with alex.
Chad was the only one to get over the doorway

Ken getting some in the back nine

fueled up at Stuff I Eat in Inglewood

they look a little stunned.... it was that good... a must visit.

Capt Ron the pimp I met on Broadway in Inglewood - he told me about his VIDEO

mama sunshine took this photo of us & papa sunshine
Alex, Jen, & Mama Sunshine at her place in Inglewood
hands on repairs over the grapevine
pumping iron with other travelers at the gas pumps
since we were headed up I-5 we had to stop @ the Buttonwillow ditch

ken gets a grind on the ditch on the freeway

Chad nailed a kickflip before the CHP arrived. We all left before they arrived
day #2 notes: road Channel St. Vajrah books. Stuff I Eat. I ordered the Sumthing Sumthing. Chad eats slow. Capt Ron the pimp interview. mama sunshine's treasures. buttonwillow ditch @ sunset. multiple pit stops. roll into San Jose. Eat @ Good Karma. show at MICROWAVE. I sleep in the van. Nessa's house.

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