Monday, March 17, 2014

seeing pals

farmers market with Kaja & her bitchin' bowl

saw Harvey's movie TAKEN FOR RANSOM at Meredith's
Percey & Meredith
Meredith's kale linguine @ Moncai

1st annual bicycle striptease @ Menloko

Miles & O during the Fluf show at Casbah

bumped into Dave B @ Veg N Out

CASH out front of Pigment

a solo brunch at Moncai / now available every Sunday 9-1pm

had lots of meaningful connections at pokez
Jeffrey brought by the real John McGuire
Ken & Shirley met me for dinner then we rode back in my ole Vanagon
trent & laura are raising one wacky kid

loved getting a surprise call to meet Trent & Laura @ Pokez
met Viola at AWASH for a meal

saw Hardcore John do some sparring

went to a group mealshare in OB

got to see Sabine before going to see Monument Men w/ Kristina
Santa Fe wrap from Peace Pies encinitas
I've seen Sherman a handful of times since being back in the hood

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