Tuesday, March 18, 2014

crater LAKE & umpqua

1st stop out of Bakersfield - GAS WARS
world peace defaced

stopped by Vegan Shawn's to drop him a galco prize
drumsticks served with catsup & not peanut sauce?
did a lot of driving after Sacto. ended up staying in Ashland, OR, for the night
slipping & sliding @ our unplanned stop in the snow....
Crater Lake

selfie with wizard island in the background
Umpqua aka Tokatee Hot Springs - Alex's 3rd - basking

peace out

this is my favorite pool. just the right temp for extended soaking

this upper pool is 2nd to the source
cool clouds coming out of the canyon
birthday dinner @ pizza research institute's new location
started w/ everything slices, then split a full pie

oh YEAH - it's that GOOD
drove by the soon to be ready LARGEST UNDERCOVER skatepark in the usa
stayed the night with Betty Quick P.I. - she has 2 new cats. Misu

Zsuzsi has great parents in Eugene

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