Monday, March 17, 2014

alex's 1st time

1am and our host came to get us

the crew on the way down into the property
while everyone was sleeping, I went on a mission
found my way on the property & had a little breakfast
how was your 1st ever hot spring adventure?

the pathway down to the hot springs / 1st time I'd soaked in the daylight
van life coffee break


what do you call that look, CHAD?

trail mix
Vanessa - our 1st hitchhiker
sea lions birthing on the central coast - nikki & jennifer look on
Chad went up & over at Cambria

shredded Cayaucos ramp with Chad. my 1st time

best spring rolls ever! SHINE vegan restaurant Morro Bay
the rock

little b&e at grandma's

up on grandma's deck - looking out to the ocean

into the light
spooky tree tunnel on the way to the water to chase the sunset

van on the beach
Chad way down there - hands up

Joe and his gal pal Brett take a sketchy route up

and a little romance as the sun goes down
ended the night in grandma's hot tub

day # 10 notes: esalen sneak in. eat. jesus & vanessa hitchers. cambria park. cayucos. chad's grandma morro bay. shine veggie wraps w/ joe. thrift. beach @ montanas de oro. troll door archway. hot tub. almost slept outside, but ended night @ Best Western.

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