Monday, March 17, 2014

a desert study

For over 10 years, I've had invites to visit Keith & Kim's desert oasis. In mid January I made my way out east, past the dunes, to their little spot in the desert. Got out there after dark on Thursday, but Keith & I were up early to head out into the desert and do some cleaning.
went on a tour of Keith's hideaways


last action hero

keith - beerwheeling
keith in his own private desert ditch
caught a sunset with keith & some neighbors
next morning Kim & some friends came out to join us
I shot my first assault rifle. Keith on the range

grilling up before the bonfire
Keith was really particular about HIS bonfire

a man & his 30 foot flame

look through my 1st nightvision

Kim threw the ax like a champ
last day Keith took me way out on an early morning ride

the dude loves abandoned vehicles

I rode this little 3-wheeler, but also learned to ride a small motorcycle

Keith took me to the edge of the dunes
and did some hotdogging - catch some air

spray some sand

prepping for another ride
I followed them out and went on my way to the holtville hot springs
thanks Keith & Kim.... had a marvelous experience

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