Friday, March 14, 2014


started off the morning with some UNDERPASS promotional work
walked over to a San Jose Savers
met a wonderful car named Moonbeam on the block @ Nessa's

Alex showing off his road rash after returning from a clean shave
he was super inquisitive
Nikki made friends too..
went out from the FEST & found a cat run book store

i think this was a band called Root Beer Floats

I didn't get much out of the music at the FEST...actually I never really gave it much of a chance. But I did really enjoy the the ZINE room at the fest and walking around SJ, and spending time chilling in the vans with pals.
Day #3 notes: nessa's parents leave. walk to WF donuts. Savers. suburban like / littering ok.gentrification. stripes. alex shaves / eats shit. show. freebirds. cat bookstore. zine on hometowns. van sleep. missed violence. root beer floats = rad band name. not sure if I saw them because no bands introduce themselves.

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