Monday, March 17, 2014

san diego vegan donuts

 When I left San Diego in March of 2013 there were no vegan donut options in San Diego. 
Now a year later there are five options.

downtown finds the donut bar where they make 1 vegan option / day

on the day I visited I was bummed to learn the flavor was matcha green tea. but it was good

papa G's mini donuts at Dark Horse Coffee on Adams. 4-5 flavors / day
Sunshine Donuts has new owners & is called Donut Panic / signs not up at the location yet

Linda's Donut Panic on Mission Gorge Rd

she's making raised donuts on Sat/Sun's. this is choco macadamia nut
Linda makes her own vegan coconut bacon for the maple bacon variety. DELICIOUS
expect lots of donut variations on the weekends plus unusual events at the shop some evenings.

Moncai in North Park offers 6-8 flavors of cake donuts / day
blueberry upon the first visit
choco coconut upon my 3rd visit
Tiger Tiger on El Cajon in North Park has glazed raised coconut minis on Sunday only
It's great to have options in San Diego. Always best to call ahead as there are lots of variables to consider. Moncai seems to be the most regular option since they offer donuts six days a week. 
My favorite donuts in San Diego are at Donut Panic & Moncai.

this report was written mid march 2014.

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