Thursday, March 13, 2014

back in Diego

1st stop after the border was to see Gabe & Graciela in National City
next up was the Presidential Salad @ peace pies
checked out ECOTOPIA at the peace center in OB

starting running into old pals on Edgemont - this is Carpet
and Buddy
and Sydney

the downtown lights from the golf course parking lot

ran into Ivette from Rancho San Carlos at POKEZ

Jeffrey & Ivette compare photos

stopped by Route 44 with Jeffrey

went for a walk with Harper Lee & Susan & ended up at the salon
met a new friend over by Shirley's place
so bummed to see CASA de LUZ permanently closed

my buddy from the neighborhood - Sherman !
settling in for 2 days of cat sitting at Meredith's
had the whole weekend with Julius

and Percey (& Sophie not pictured)

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