Friday, March 14, 2014

lost boys

Yee over Alex at Sunnyvale after a bbq
our van played a van/band from AZ in basketball
Chad & I found a late night horchata spot near the FEST
day #4 notes: dawn patrol hot tub. feels like old times @ edgemont. homemade meal @ Nessa's. punk BBQ in park. too many tofu dogs. skated sunnyvale. bball against AZ's band Dog Breath. Freebirds. long talks in the van. saw Jake Johnson. horchata. drove to SC. Jake's Feast house.

started the day off with a donut @ Staff of Life just blocks from Jake's
random appearance by Justin thunderbeast
Alex & Nikki at Jake's place

alex shoots Jake & Chad dropping in to catch the wave

made by Ken, Nikki, Jennifer, & I
Alex getting down in the bowl in SC


Jake was a great host & sweeps up nicely.
Jake showed us where the lost boys bridge is & split
LOST BOYS bridge is in Santa Cruz down by the amusement park

walked that bridge with no threat of train

Alex & Nikki on the tracks
there's a rollercoaster right next store
worst decision on the boardwalk    p:miranda

pizza is a reason to smile
and we got some on our way back into San Jose
rad reuse version of a can opener to TP holder at the pizza place
alex broke the pizza fast for Plant Based Pizza party
day #5 notes: walk to staff of life. missed Beebe. fluffy cat. donut. cooked at Jake's. looked Bill's Wheels. bagels. Lost Boys train trestle. pickup Jenn. plant based pizza party. fest. van life. they pushed Jenn into the luggage zone. drove to Ivette's in Oakland.

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