Monday, March 10, 2014

chichen itza

couldn't do much climbing at Chichen Itza

the largest ball court I encountered. I think it was used in Apocalypto

the stone hoop

what animal is this?
coolest looking cat I saw on the trip and he lives at the ruins

sacred cenote

strange set of columns

skulls adorn a low wall
 It was at Chichen Itza that I abandoned my plans to visit Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, & Costa Rica. Part of me wanted to run as fast as possible back to Texas. I compromised and decided to drop south and pick up the route I planned to take home once I'd been to countries further south. Now I'd drop down to the west coast and take that to Mazatlan, then cross to Baja on a boat, and make my way back to San Diego.

Jose Antonio Jiminez was my 1st & last hitchhiker

it was nice to practice my Spanish while driving

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