Sunday, March 16, 2014

treehouses & rollerskating

Jennifer got a lift on Jake's moto on the way to the tree houses
start out at the student trailer park

hiked out in the wild

we found a rent free cabin in the woods
Chad coming down from the tree

Nikki takes a look at the sleeping quarters

peeked at Natural Bridges State Park
Chad borrowed some bobby pins to tame the mane

so he could nail a kickflip out of Derby

slappy on part of the upgrade to derby
back to Natural Bridges to witness the paparazzi
Nikki as the sun goes down
always like seeing lots of colors

lacing up the skates at Santa Cruz Roller Palladium
getting warmed up

Jake, the wolflady, & Chad one footed

ended the epic day with milkshakes at Saturn Cafe
day #8 notes: staff of life. forest treehouse, trailer park. natural bridge state park. derby. Staff Of Life. jake. sc roller paladium. kiera the wolf lady from detroit. saturn cafe. strawberry shake. sleep at jake

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