Tuesday, March 11, 2014


headed south out of La Paz, this was my first peek at the warm blue water
I met a couple from AZ and hiked up a canyon with them

where we swam in this chilly swimming hole
it wasn't much

but once the sun was off it, it made for a relaxing 1st hot spring experience in Mex
while at the swimming hole, I met some organic farmers. I stopped by their farm and bought some avos and greens

stayed the night on their property & was greeted with this sunrise
hiked into the waterfall called Sol Del Mayo

getting closer

got to swim with some nice Germans

I had intended to roller skate in every Central America country. The plaza in Santiago is the only spot I skated.

San Jose del Cabo
 both of the Cabos were a waste of time
Cabo San Lucas
found this secluded beach near Todos Santos / I think the skimboarders like it

another roadside batch of homemade corn tortillas

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