Saturday, March 15, 2014

the old gang

this is me riding shotgun in a vintage mini cooper
Daryl Smith grinding @ Alameda after picking me up @ Ivette's

Eric working up the courage....

Eric & Daryl...the cornerstones of my early San Diego skate crew
it was refreshing to roll around with them again

Eric took me to IKE's Lair for vegan parm sando
the decorations at Ike's Lair are awesome

after lunch I met back up with Ivette & the van life crew
for dinner Heidi snagged me and we went to Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley
day # 6 notes: took a bath. cut collar off brodie's shirt. read sling shot planner. 11am skate Alameda w/ Eric&Daryl. 200000 dead in japanese earthquake/tsunami in 1703. clown car pick up. shred alameda. Ike's sando & homemade soda. bart ride. bpl. reunited @ herbivore. chicken chunks GOOD. pad thai BAD. urban ore. TJs ice cream. heidi cafe gratitude sat on couch ate tacos. slept poorly @ heidi's.

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