Friday, March 7, 2014

ruins & falls

slept outside of the ruins of Pomona
the ruins of Pomona have no cover charge

the ruins at Reforma are free as well. imagine me on the apex lying down, eyes closed
now imagine me opening my eyes to see a buzzard circling me

he landed on this outcropping, musta been bummed I wasn't dead

down the road the Reforma Falls were at flood stage
kids from all over the country were repping the virgin Mary
I felt like Indiana Jones in search of Salto Grande / shit got sketchy
but I found it and it was less than GRANDE in my estimation
the ruins at Balamku were the 1st really tall pyramids that I could climb

I first met Chute from Holland while at Agua Azul & kept passing him
I altered my course to visit Calakmul & it was worth it

saw spider monkeys living life in the trees
and had 360 degree views over the jungle canopy from the major pyramids

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