Tuesday, March 18, 2014

blame Canada...

woke up and surveyed the fire damage at Leeside

lot of tires burned that were meant for backfill
Alex was determined to break the ice in the backyard

only put a dent in it

Dan Z did some slipper skating on it

paid a visit to my old buddy MOSES

@ Tamar & Jeff's new pad
she played records and we talked then ran errands
Jeff Cole ollie to tail on a brand new mini in Surrey

hippie Mike getting a hipper on his home turf

next morning Tamar was making spanakopita
nice contrast, Jeff & Tamar!

meanwhile back in Portland, SNOWMAGEDDON
met this beautiful pup outside of the Temple feed

new ramp in the Smiling Buddha on Hastings

next morning, I jumped a bus back to Portland

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