Tuesday, March 18, 2014

cougar & roller boogie

Betty made her world famous oatmeal for us & we were off to Cougar

just a bit of rain at Cougar Hot Springs

one leads to the other, to the other, to the next to the reservoir
are you experienced - now he has 4 under his belt

the waterfall at the beginning of the trailhead

dipped back into Eugene for a late lunch at Morning Glory
tried a new spot in a rainy Portland.... Harlow in SE

got over to Kenny & Klich to find an emaciated Kenny
KLICH was out of town in San Diego, but we met Brer!!!

the next morning we have Kenny clipping Brer's nails
dropped by IN OTHER WORDS from Portlandia on our way to Oly
had hoped to see Mt St. Helens, but only made it as far as BIGFOOT

got into OLYMPIA & had dinner @ Quality Burrito
after a visit to EVERGREEN - Nikki bowled a whole game GRANNY STYLE

I like this soda machine front at Old School Pizzeria near Shane's pad
rolled out to south Seattle for some Roller Boogie

woooooooo Nikki & Marita
half way through the session, I realize ERICA is there

who woulda thought? Erica, one of my early San Diego roller pals

Alex & Nikki on the disco round....
our Olympia host - Shane Yee / as luck would have it, we saw Chad one night too
saw this beauty in Seattle

got to Mighty O late in the afternoon so they only had 2 options left
waiting to put Marita & Nikki on a bus and then Alex & I crossed with no problems

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