Saturday, March 15, 2014

heidi & patty & star wars

did Heidi only eat half her donut?

I ate all of mine!

walked the wharf on my way to see a lady about a wookie
found where the boats take off for the Alcatraz tour

randomly saw Patty on her bike into work. PINBACK on sidewalk

yoda greets you out front of Patty's building
Darth chilling inside. check this CLIP
ET on his Kuwahara BMX flies in a stairwell

BOBO FETT has an eye on me in the lobby

Vigo from Ghostbusters

the vegan dish in the cafeteria

and my hostess with a stormtrooper
Chad and the van gang snagged me in the Presidio & we went to Ft. Miley

finding the curb there was a god send
Alex shoots me shooting Chad

Chad with a NBD
caught a clear view of the GOLDEN GATE from Miley

hiked out a differnt path and Alex took a spill

Chad took the wheel to Santa Cruz because.....
Alex wasn't feeling good and was napping

barely got into SC in time for a twilight session at Derby
chilling before the FEAST of FRIENDS

plenty of food

the lights outside

the perfect platter for sampling everything
day #7 notes: toyota Larkspur. ferry to SF w/ heidi. blueberry pepples donuts @ the ferry building. alcatraz history lesson. patty on bike. sea lions. THE ROCK. ILS tour. ET lunch w/ patty. pick up. miley. sutro baths. SC derby. FEAST of Friends. Staff of Life. sleep in van.

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