Sunday, April 6, 2014

San Diegoing, going, gone...

these photos capture my doings during my last days in San Diego
cat time with Percey & BIG Julius courtesy of McCrackers

can you spot McCrackers singing - popping her cherry @ the Center

the 1st rock concert @ Donut Panic featured a wild act from New York City

fell in love with Linda's version of the maple coconut bacon bar

POKEZ, gas lamp tour, & farkle @ the US Grant w/ cousin Kim & her son Jatin

I used to swim here all the time, popped up to see the pool.

solo Harar mission

hardcore John's daughter, Kim Kong, is in the mix @ the Doll House

more Little Free Library's are popping up in the hood

finally saw Julian's band LUBE & I liked it

decadent raw quesadilla at Peace Pies OB

walked ABOUT with rose, teagen, & meredith (hilda not pictured)

met a charming tripod @ Messy Jessie's new bike shop

potlucked with the hippies at Wild Willow farm
Kenny met me @ Jeffrey's pad. Singing ensued.

I had no idea Jeffrey can read tarot cards

Kenny pulled 6 cards and the interpretation unfolded
popped into the MOCA and saw some art from their collection

moment of silence at BOB's old pad

the flowers at Jeffrey's

only been operating for 2 weeks when I found this Little Free Library

Sherman took right to Kenny

drop the ball, Sherman!!

went to two GAME NIGHTS @ Donut Panic

donkey kong and regular jenga combined for mega topple

caught opening night of GOODBYE WORLD with McCrackers

north park street art

met Ingrid's bestie at POKEZ

Jim is in a new boy band

sleeping beauty

more comedy in the way of north park street art

1st Saturday's explanation downtown...

spot check downtown
the airstream came out of the driveway

another two days of hard work by Justin
enforcement by Justin....ward off the tweakers
morning of departure, Jeffrey came over for a last domino battle and we tied!
Jeffrey came up with the title of this entry.....
later in the afternoon I met up with DL at the Hillcrest farmer's market
on the walk to the water lady we stopped & saw Pumpkin in his cat condo

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