Monday, March 17, 2014

beginnings of UP the COAST

Jan 30th I hoped back in the Alex & Nikki's van. This time it was going all the way to Vancouver, Canada. I left with no idea as to how I would get back to San Diego. Really want to avoid a plane/hoping for a ride share.

1st stop Pizzanista. pizza was great. missed out on Clara's Cupcakes
Nikki suggested stopping by the Quality Cafe used in countless movie scenes

saw this CARWASH & was hoping it was this Carwash
this is the exterior of the house on AMERICA HORROR STORY season 1
Nakatomi Tower from the 1st Die Hard film

meanwhile later in the evening when we stopped by Mann's
didn't even look, but found Bruce & his slogan from Die Hard
@ dinner we became TROUBLE TABLE #29
I fell asleep with Diedra's cat on my lap & avoided some uncomfortableness

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