Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IDAHO - geothermal density

Since my time with Crouse and J Stratford in UTAH, I'd buzzed into southern Idaho. I'd been hearing that it is the most geothermally active state in the union. I was about to find out that is a true statement. But before the hot, came the cold and mighty waters of the Snake River.

Shoshone Falls just outside of Twin Falls, ID... record breaking flow rate
i captured the rainbow
the bridge over the SNAKE River

this is where evel knievel jumped a rocket into the canyon.
      From Twin Falls I was out in the sticks for 3 days....Soaking and exploring...

Russian John was the 1st soak.. mellow and all to myself
Snake Pit with a mountain view
Snake Pit - no snakes spotted...
Snake Pit - a fine soak.

Jessie at the BOAT BOX
 This one is called BOAT BOX as it used to be made from an old motorboat. Now it's a cauldron. It's a tight squeeze and there was a group of youngsters there when I arrived, but they made room for me. Then Jessie arrived, the kids left, and Jessie and I took a soak.... We got to talking and it turns out she's Jimmy McDonald's sister...out in Idaho teaching at a summer camp. Jimmy's one of my favs and I've carried all sorts of DVDs he's been in.  After we had a long soak, a VW van loaded with two couples rolled up.. I shared the FREEBOX with Jessie and asked her if I could play her a song.  She agreed, but had no idea what she was getting herself into. HK set up and played FANTASY by aldo nova... By this time the two couple's were in the soaker and we're cheering up a storm. Just like in true rock concert fashion, during the second and last song, one of the gals, took her top off!!!!  It was the highest compliment HK has ever received!
Jessie found something, I think it was a coin purse.

I wonder what Jessie's photo turned out like.....

 GOLD BUG was the farthest north I traveled and was the longest hike to soak ration. The two hour hike was well worth it.
The path to Goldbug
the 1st pool I encountered was too HOT.
2nd pool was too hot as well.
the 3rd pool was just right....
helicopter view of the pool I spent the most time in
The rad wolf that showed up to soak
after speaking to some other soakers, I found the hot waterfall!

 Kirkham was next - Adam had been to this one a few months earlier when the river wasn't so high. Most of these pools had too much freezing river water sloshing in them.
facing the raging river
facing the waterfalls
a better view of one of the waterfall pools at Kirkham

I'm pretty sure this is Bonneville. not so great
The Payette River was almost washing Pine Flats out.
PINE FLATS was hands down my favorite. I soaked til sunset and hiked back in for dawn patrol the next day. That's a 100 foot hot waterfall that blasts down the cliff to fill the soaking pool right at river level.   Had it all to myself both times.... Can't wait to return!
the setting sun lights up Pine Flats!
my morning soak at Pine Flats

up from the road down on Campground Hot Springs
Feetsies at Campground

 There were a handful of other springs that I went by in my 3 day journey that were blown out from the river levels being too high. But I ended it the famous SKINNY DIPPER hot springs. Volunteers have rigged quite the plumbing system at both the upper and lower pools.
It took a while, but I finally had Upper Skinny to myself.
it's almost like an altar in the middle of the lower pool.
view #2 of Lower Skinny Dipper.
 After soaking in so many spots, it was time to resupply in BOISE. I stopped by Prestige Skate Shop and was able to hook up a brief session at this gem. !
a buttery Boise backyard.
and what would a post be without at least 1 food shot.....
Veggie patty salad at Nourish Me in Ketchum

up next is the CATS of the RAINBOW Gathering photo essay....

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