Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boulder Dicks invade PDX

Ultimate Phil, Fudge,..., Emag, Michael, Robbie at Battleground, WA
It's a rare thing I've come to learn that you still get to skate with buddies from 20 years ago. I lived in Colorado from 90-94 and met a handful of skate bros that I'm still in contact with today. Although I lived in Fort Collins, I spent most weekends in Boulder, skating with what would later be known as the :Boulder Dicks:. This past August, Eric Magnussen aka Emag, turned 40 and a skate trip was planned. Many were invited, but only a handful showed up to Portland for the long weekend.
Fudge's buddy, Hector ollies at Battleground

The newer park in Vancouver, WA, was next. Fudge found a transfer.
Dinner back in Portland. Fudge had other plans.

Eric G made it to Hood River for the day!
Robbie didn't have any trouble with the doorway
Ultimate Phil, our host for the weekend, slid it to fakie
fuel stop at DQ in Hood River.
a call was made and we hit the jackpot and ended up at Windell's

we all managed to blast the pole.. phil watches Emag.

phil watches Justin Hocking
Michael...no stranger to the streets
Phil nailed it...almost kicking a foot off!
Former Killing Machine rider, Cody Boat, happened to be there.

Emag ollies Phil
day 3 had us meeting up at Burnside

the new and most challenging pocket
Justin Hocking slings it around...

 We drove out to the Gabriel Skatepark only to find a skate camp in session/ SOTY Silas met up with us thanks to Mike's presence and we drove over to Tigard to finish off the day.

the casual group photo

the more serious mug up....a grand weekend. glad I was in the area!

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