Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I first met Fudge in Boulder in the early 90's. It might of been Jamaica Jim's Skatepark where I first laid eyes on him. He grew up in Vegas with Sawdust on TEAM CHEESE. He moved to north county San Diego around 2005, then more recently planted his seed in Portland. I'm always pleased as punch to spend time with him. On one hot summer day he rode his BMX over to Klich's and we piled in GOLD MEMBER for a trip to High Rocks to swim and jump and eat berries.
Fudge, Gina, & Klich
Can you see the HIGH ROCKS in the background?
I was able to score Gina & myself a slice of watermelon!

Klich eyes up the tall drop
And takes the plunge...

This flip attempt ended in a bit of pain for Klich
 From Gladstone we motored back into deep SE and stopped at the EL NUTRI TACO, It had been on my list for a long while but it's so buried in deep SE that I dare not go on my bike. This stop with the gang was a fitting end to a fine day on the river.
outdoor sitting in someone's front yard
the taco truck is parked in the driveway.
Fudge enjoyed his burrito!

prepping the sleeves
 A few months back, I tore the sleeve off one of my favorite button up shirts. I was distraught for a brief period, then realized I could simply have it made into a short sleeve shirt. I pitched the idea to Fudge and he had me over to his pad in NE to work on it. Only took a bit. Thanks, amigo!
Fudge looks right at home behind the sewing machine.
see ya next year! aka this year.....

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