Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back to HOOD River

Kenny back Smith in the tight pocket

can you see Klich's balls?  look closely.
I snuck off and picked the 1st blackberries of my life!
Kenny back tail over the hip.

The Mosier Falls swimming hole
that's a better view of the falls.
 GERONIMO... not deep enough for the top turnbuckle.

super relaxing after skating and berry picking!
After swimming we drove into Mosier and dined at the Thristy Woman Pub - very veg friendly!

vegan tacos

massive veg burgers
tots and fries...take your pic
and the BEST part of the afternoon. Vegan Marionberry shakes.
On the drive back to Portland, we decided to check out Rooster Rock State Park, one of the only NUDIE friendly locales in all of Oregon.
a tasteful nude
there was some muddin involved to get to the BEACH.

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