Thursday, May 17, 2012

the 1st of Portland

As I mentioned previously, I was anxious to get to PORTLAND to settle into hanging out with Klich & Kenny for a good long while. I rolled in across the mighty Columbia and made my way to their house in SE. The bikes came out and we rode straight away to the Brooklyn Street Project.
the 1st day was humbling... small but tight and slippery.
The next day we drove out to session the Hood River Skatepark... I'd seen it in countless videos, but this was going to be my first visit. It's a hodge podge of a park, but the small bowl is one of the best in the area! Kenny jumped the creek. KLICH battled it all over the park... this line too...
Kenny takes a cruise
Randomly ran into Five Points Dave and Mark Partain at the park

Mark Partain...I had his board on BLOCKHEAD in the late 80's. still ripping!
We hopped the Columbia and checked out the new park at Bingen, WA.
Sweet Pea had the blueberry fritter on my first Saturday visit
klich made a pie from the cherries in the front yard

We sampled both the vegan pies and farkled at Dove Vivi

We saw the EM50 from Stripes parked on a side street!

Kenny & I hiked up to Mt Tabor
This slide is over by the vegan mini mall where Sweat Pea is.

I think the SWEET PEA ayce theme was fried chicken....
Ed tagged the bathroom. someone else added the captions.
Sweat Pea has All You Can Eat brunch on Sunday mornings.  That first Sunday I was in town, we all went out to pig out. I checked in and Natalie Norcross commented on it and said she was across the room from me... So that cosmic connection led us to getting invited to her place for a 4th of JULY potluck.
Sitting the backyard at Natalie and Curt's pad in NW on the 4th
I think it was my first watermelon of the season!


  1. YES! I had my first watermelon of the season last week and thought of you as I cut it open :) And we've been grilling like crazy in our back yard since the weather has been so nice. I MISS YOU!

  2. see you later this SUMMER...
    what are your AUSTIN eating tips?