Tuesday, May 22, 2012

more from PDX

epic guerrila art on the way over the Willamette River. on the back it says LAUGH

HOMEGROWN SMOKER on a blind date set up thanks to Kristina.
4 cats live at Klich's place, but Scar is my fav
Vita Cafe makes an authentic chicken fried steak dinner
Kitchen Dances food cart was my fav place to eat this summer. Raw wrap!
Walnut tacos take 1
Walnut tacos take 2
Kenny gets tempeh in bulk and makes a marvelous spread!

one of my fav skaters, Jimmy MacDonald - i met his sister in a hot springs in ID a month prior

Es was on what would prove to be their final tour. Klich offers a fish
His jump ramp skills aren't as mighty as his hip blasting skills!
I relearned blunt fakies...!  Despite....
Klich and I had Commonwealth to ourselves!  BOOM
I happened to be in portland for their VEG WEEK.We went to most of the events.
Nico from FOOD FIGHT & Piper from Kitchen Dances discuss owning vegan businesses.
Beadle & I went to the vegan singles night... best part was the pizza.

Brian Beadle came out to one of the talks at People's Coop

the gal from stumptown vegans talks about why PDX is a vegan mecca

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