Thursday, May 17, 2012

Portland the second

on the 4th, we did some skating and some eating and some firework watching via bicycle.
this overlook DIY QP was a blast. KLICH pivots fakie
i believe we had a contest to see who could pull it 1st.
kenny got a short shorts pivot on the uphill bank improvement

Klich walked away with the frontside pivot...
on the bike ride to the river, Kenny shot his wad.
the firework gang on the riverbank
we were close to the barge that acted as the firing platform

Al and Chet get free pizza at SIZZLE PIE - trading boards for pizza!
Mikey formerly of COWTOWN works here.

Sizzle Pie always has 2 vegan slices available. Plus loads of vegan pie options

Edgemont alum, LORI D has some rad pieces at the IPRC
She acts as the volunteer coordinator !

CSU alum, Justin Hocking is the executive director!
the OG Voodoo downtown has been remodeled.

I enjoyed my bowl at Sneaky Kitty...Love the name!
SNEAKY KITTY - a classy food cart in a vw van

quality solar made burgers at OFF THE GRIDDLE

Fudge made it out to a session at BROOKLYN...he & Heidi made up

Corndog fever at HUNGRY TIGER TOO!

Klich scored the 1st $5 vegan bucket from VOODOO!

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