Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goldmyer Hot Springs

it was raining the morning I did the 5 mile hike in
 Goldmyer is a remote, very beautiful hot springs emerging from inside an old mine shaft. The water temperature at its source is about 120 degrees. The water inside the "cave" is around 110 degrees. The water cascades into several nearby rock pools, with progressively lower temperatures. A cool water pool is located close by for cool downs. The springs are surrounded by ancient forest containing trees over 800 years old.
there are several awesome stream crossings. bridges provided.
In order to preserve the wilderness experience and fragile ecology of the area, use of the area is limited to 20 persons per day on the property. Thanks to the rain and this policy, I had the pools to myself for most of the morning and into the early afternoon. At that point two gals showed up, but they liked the hotter pools so it all worked out fine.
I spent most of my time in this outside pool, fed from the mine.

 Video tour here!

Goldmyer is owned and operated by a Washington State nonprofit corporation, Northwest Wilderness Programs, Inc.  Their goal is to offer wilderness experiences to the public while maintaining the long term preservation of the hotsprings property and surrounding eco-system.

 I spent a few more days in Seattle 

My horchata ice cream quest was realized!  WOW~!

Chaco Canyon is a legit vegan restaurant
Pizza party before the HK show at GREEN LAKE.

and then boogied back down to Portland.

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