Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Blood

Shane and I drove north to see and session with Ms. Patricia Kavanaugh. It was the half way point from her temporary home in Vancouver. Shane and I figured it was just going to be a day trip...  then they drew First Blood......

1st stop was Burlington skatepark. YEE takes it to fakie the hard way.
Rained out at Bellingham, we retreated to the surgeon's lair.
the surgeon has a brand new indoor multi level mini ramp
The rain ceased & the Bellingham crew had the dry procedure on lock.
looking good
shane 5.0 over the bell

When we were out on the OREGON coast, I got word that the BRIDGE used in FIRST BLOOD was set to be demolished and that same weekend there was a huge RAMBO fan event in HOPE, BC, where the bridge is located. I pledged to make it to see the bridge before it was gone.   You don't see the bridge in this trailer, but it's where Rambo was first arrested coming back into town..... Who would of known, but Shane is a huge FIRST BLOOD fan too so we made the border crossing and were in HOPE, BC, in no time and on the hunt for set locations....

we found the bridge and it was closed to traffic, but still there!
These are the railroad tracks, Rambo jumped on the stolen motorcycle.
archival photo in the town museum with phone photo of me on the same ledge
the gas station where Rambo blazes through on the stolen motorcycle!
We slept in the car near the canyon and hiked in once it was light in the morning.
the river was high

this is one of the views where rambo was on the cliff with the helicopter shooting at him.

the cliffhanger shot... stallone held onto this very rock! !
I illegally walked the bridge ~! Teasle coudn't stop me!
side shot
Shane shot
back in town you can pose with your face as John J Rambo...American hero!
From Hope, we drove into Vancouver....looking around...waiting for Patricia to get off work.
There were no vegan eats in Hope, so we went straight to FOUNDATION for burgers
Paid a visit to Michelle at ANTIsocial. I never get to see Rick. Someday!!!
we skated the Vancouver plaza park
shane had a good line at Kensington Skatepark

Before I left Seattle, Coleen mentioned she was giving my number to a friend of hers who lives in Vancounver. When we got to Kensington, Nancy texted me and we told her to come on over... She showed up after I was pooped from skating and she took us out for pizza.....! And filled us in on all things fun in Vancouver.
Pizza House was OK, but spending time with Nancy jazzed me up.
Nancy and Shane outside the vegan Pizza House.
We met Patty @ Hastings skatepark after work.
Leeside was next
Shane was at home there!
Blasting a big frontside booster next to his buddy's art.

the longview
Patty and Bear played some music for us that night...
It was after LEESIDE that I unwillingly had to part with Nancy. She was a terrific hostess and gave us great tips and insight about vegan & skate spots! She had early work the next morning, and had to cut out... A serious hug happened and I just didn't want to let her leave... but she drove off.... at least there was talk of her coming down to Seattle soon.     In the morning, Shane and I hit up Naam for fuel.

I came here with Rick McCrank during slam city jam in the 90's!
PD's skate shop is down the street from Naam.
From PD's we drove back across the border into the USA and made our way back to Seattle and the First Blood episode came to a close.... but as Rambo says. "You don't just turn it off!"

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