Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eric G

Eric G and his first Voodoo vegan bucket
 After the Salmon Jam, team toe rolled into Portland. 1st night was a ramp jam at the adidas TM's house
i love saying it... he klichflipped into the ramp
Adam Crew alley oop nosegrind....

Klich front pivots on the back nine. and this
 Eric G helped us get out to WINDELL's again....We skated it all except the indoorKlich was cracking me up and pushin it hard....
Klich....long slider to fakie.... most everything on site is skateable
We went swimming after a fun afternoon skating & found the spot I'd seen in the Satellite dvd.
that's the cliff that one of the Satellite guys jumped from the top.
Klich goes for full submersion
YES>>> it's snow melt.......BRRRRRR>>!
Looks like Kenny didn't go with us.. He must have been in SD.
on his last night in PDX we got together for a STEVE CAB at Sizzle Pie

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