Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle

Coleen warned me, but I didn't listen. Plum Bistro...not that great. Just overpriced really.
The have a huge ZINE library at the Richard Hugo House.
I looked at NW skate zines from the 80's!
Bluebird always has a few vegan homemade ice creams on hand
the infamous HORCHATA flavor eluded me. always out of stock
Joe Brook set up his art show in SF and here in Seattle @ GOODS
I chatted with John about Mugs.

the HIGHLINE bar has all vegan bar food including sweet potato tater tots
I dragged Shane to Mighty O's.

Yee making a smoothie at his soon to be abandoned collective compound
space needle pre RAIDERs potluck w/ Coleen's gang

RAIDER's of the Lost Ark outside under the needle !!!
the needle @ night
Coleen & Bobby introduced me to the vegan BANH MI sandwich
Daryl took me to the Seattle Jyoti equivalent SILENCE HEART NEST
CSU alumni Deb Nicholson and one of her spawn
Farkel party at Bluebird !

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