Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Crush

I was in Seattle for a bit and I couldn't stop thinking about Nancy. We would text and email a bit and I found myself not wanting to wait for her to come down to Seattle or Portland. I have a loose schedule, right...? Why not go back to Vancouver and take her on a date?   So I asked her when she'd be free and got a bus ticket up to Van for a few days later. I could stay with Patty and if there was nothing there, then no big deal...At least I'd know and have no regrets!

I got to town a day before the big DATE DAY.  Patty picked me up on her way to her company picnic. The entire office was divided into 4 teams all dressed in separate colors... Patty's crew was green and they were fired up.
pure Patty confidence walking onto the field of battle
the water balloon toss was hilarious!
Heave -  -  HO!!!
HOLY SHIT !   we won!
rounding the corner in the 3 legged race.

later that night at the after party, we had farkle fatality. lost a die into the seat.
The fella Patty was sweet on plays in bands. For this after party, several of the fellas at the office put together a cover band that performed at the party....   They were amazing and the singalongs had me on cloud nine.. Patty and I were standing on sofas, groovin and shakin, just having the time of our lives... Each song was better than the next and it seemed to go all night long..... Seems like a lot of the time, I'm nervous about dancing in public and I don't like staying up late...  But in this instance....all systems were GO!

the next morning Bear, Patty & I walked over to grab breakie.
We picked up Miss Kim and Heavy D and skated Bonsor.
Then we rushed home and got ready for the taco party. 15 minutes after arriving at the taco party, Nancy swooped me up and was taking me to chinatown. She got a sweet sesame seed sticky bun and we walked all around and chatted and chatted.... We found our way to Gorilla FOOD for some raw cuisine. And from here it was a whirlwind..... all sorts of outings and activities.....looking back it feels like a dream.....
La Casa Gelato was a zoo!
One night we met up with Patty for dinner at Bandidas. Vegan Horchata!!

Nancy is a wonderful vegan chef!

I taught her Farkle on the mean streets of Van...
Vegan cookiewich ! !!!
We drove around to this lighthouse on the other side of the bay.

Tamar has two cats...Felix and this is MOSES!

Moses is so RAD!
look at the two of us!!!... zonked out!
 Before I knew it 5 wonderful days had passed. Despite having a myriad of commonalities, there was one BIG deal breaker. Plus we live in different countries... She lives in VAN, while I live in a van down by the river. I took an early bus back to Seattle with the intention of coming back to visit and the hopes of seeing Tamar either in Portland or Seattle later in the summer.

a few days later, I got this picture from her....
we clearly missed each other.

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