Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Cats of the Rainbow Gathering

At the end of January, I met Peacetrain Charlie at Deer Park Monestery. Charlie and I hit it off and during the course of our conversations, he ended up encouraging me to attend the 2011 Rainbow Gathering set to be in the state of Washington. I'd heard of it and after hearing 1st hand stories from Burning Man over the past few years.... It sounded to me like I would be more at home at RAINBOW. Charlie and I stayed in touch and as July approached I made my way toward the Gifford Pinochet National Forest in south central Washington.
Seeing all the snow on the drive in made me nervous.
 I had many reservations by the time I parked two days before the official beginning of the Gathering. Charlie had told me some of the camp names that I should ask for, and in a light rain I started my hike to the meadow where the main event was shaping up.
Once on the main path, I asked the 1st guy I saw if he happened to know Peacetrain Charlie...turns out it was Charlie. That omen set me at peace.
I was determined to sleep in the van despite the 3 mile hike to get out of the meadow and back to the van each night. As I was hiking the paths and getting my bearings I quickly noticed many cats among the campers. So it was quickly decided that a CATS of the Rainbow Gathering photo essay was needed.
precious, in the shadow of a sandal

kittens for peace
a cat has to eat, why not on your shoulder?
out in the meadow
women cat caregivers were in the minority
who you lookin at?
cat on a custom made leash
sweater vest
a pensive charcoal sweetheart
 The vibe was terrific, but the first two days of rain & cold weather took its toll on me. I was torn about leaving. Should I stay or should I go. On July 1st... the first official day of the Gathering, the weather had broke and the sun was out, but I was anxious to get to Portland to see Kenny & Klich.
Besides Charlie, the only other person I knew there was Elyssa from OB.
the mighty meadow
mist rising on the morning of JULY 1st 2011
It wasn't really my calling, but I'm glad i went and if the timing is right, I will return.
On the drive out, I had a few nice views of Mt. St. Helens.

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