Monday, May 28, 2012

a long pdx entry

we skated BROOKLYN Street quite a bit
Kenny & I did graffiti removal one morning.
Klich blasts and generally rules the place.

Paul from Cal Skate rolled up one evening~~!

another out of this world special from Kitchen Dances

Played some farkle at the Bye & Bye before it got crowded
foraged my first cherries on the streets of pdx
I love People's in OB & I love People's in PDX.
Kale and Quinoa at RED & BLACK the socialist worker collective
inspiring sidewalk chalking

Kenny & I at the local Food Not Bombs dinner. We ate here a lot.

Kenny gets a sandwich at Red & Black.
i THINK these are mulberries...big ones! the tree was a few blocks from KLICH's pad.
Hammy's makes DEEP DISH
Hot Lips is more famous for their homemade sodas!

a wonderful 2 slices from Sizzle Pie
the Animal House homage
 I checked out the annual adult SOAP BOX DERBY races on Mt. Tabor. Very entertaining!
wiener mobile
David Carroll made a surprise appearance at the FALAFEL spot.
Eric G {center} was in town for a few days.
the Portland Scramble from Hungry Tiger Too
one of Natalie's many orange cats... bixby, maybe???
Tyler is my main homeboy.
Kitchen Dances hooked it up!
we saw GAMERA outside in the park

tacos from the Gordito's cart

David Leo's old La Jolla roomie, Guy Verliner - bicyclist
a Hiroshima survivor spoke at an ANTI WAR rally
Kenny made a bodacious salad one warm afternoon.

bike ride to FREE GEEK.
I hung from time to time at the PDX hostel in SE.

I played some frisbee with Sabine.
Checked out the annual PDX Zine Symposium
Klich & Kenny rolled up at Col. Summers park right after I thought about them.
Watermelons chilling

free watermelon at the Buckman neighborhood picnic!

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