Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corndog Contest

the contenders...Kenny vs Klich
 For weeks, Klich had been talking about trying to beat the 33 corndog record at Hungry Tiger Too. If he could eat 34 he would be the new world champ, get a free tee, not have to pay for his corndogs, and get his picture on the wall. As a warm up to going for the TITLE, he challenged both Kenny and I to a contest. I declined, Kenny accepted the challenge. Loser has to buy all the corndogs.
Every WED is the vegan corn dog special.
It was 5pm when the contest got under way on the picnic tables out front of Hungry Tiger Too! There was an air of seriousness floating about.... I was the official judge and documentarian.
they kept cracking each other up
Klich at the 11 corndog mark./
the crowd began to get thick!
the strain set in
Klich feeds Curt threw the window!!!  Natalie loses her shit!
 In the end, KLICH was victorious and Kenny had to pay for his 16 corndogs. Total consumption between the two was 27.  You do the math!     The question remains.... Will Klich ever go for the 34 dog title?

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