Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Salmon Jam

Team Toebock was on tour in the NW and one fine day they came to OLYMPIA to put on a mini ramp jam and fish fry. Klich, Gina, Kenny, & I piled into GOLD MEMBER & journeyed NORTH to Oly to attend this annual event.
Klich nailed a front board at Longview on the way up to OLY.
I think Nelson should have won... Ollie to fakie
Eric G ollies for Team Toebock
Josh Heath took the title!
Klich killed it...front blunt on the side of the extension

Seattle legend Marshall Reid came down to MC.
I took a mid session skate around town to meet up with former San Diegan and roomie of AVS, Kerry T. Months back she promised she'd take me out for tacos and she held up her word!
Kerry was great company, but Olympian tacos aren't that great
once you drink the parking lot water, one can never leave Oly

the spring water was refreshing, but not enough to make me move to Oly.
I made my way back to the jam where the bbq was in full swing. bands playing and plenty of ripping. Rippers in attendance included Two Hawks Young, Clint Peterson, Chet Childress, Paul Sewell, and Silas Baxter Neal. We ended up taking Eric G into Portland with us.

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