Sunday, May 20, 2012

The OREGON coast trip

Klich, Kenny, Gina, & I packed up GOLD MEMBER and headed for the coast.... skateparks and swimming holes were on the agenda.
1st stop - NEWBERg where we skated til the helmet nazi got us.
KLICH flew like an eagle....until that kid got in his way.....

2nd stop - McMinnville
Ken hopped on the HUBBA
KLICH ollied the channel with ease
KLICH got creative over the doorway
3rd stop - Lincoln see very few photos of this gem
Aunt Mary Toaster Bistro and Dildo Museum is a must stop in LINCOLN CITY!
KLICH was hyped at the didlo museum.
the barn burned down around RED's bowl. KLICH handled it!
Red, his moto, his dog, & Ken
Kenny & I tented it, while Gina and KLICH slept in the car and got messed with by the cops
We skated the Lincoln City park some more in the morning.  KLICH killed it after a night sleeping in the car with the cops banging on his window... Then we headed off to Newport....
4th stop - Newport, OR
It was a little windy... Kenny testing theories
5th stop - Waldport - Klich grabbed his tail and we all took time trials around the track
Kenny made a killers sandwich in the shade/.
6th stop - Florence, OR
KLICH got a fakie rock after being showed it was possible by a local.
AND NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF>>>>>>> no more skating for a bit.......Welcome to SLIDE ROCK located in a secret and magical forest somewhere in OREGON..... SO MUCH FUN>>>

Klich leads Gina into the belly of the beast !
Almost hitting the wall.
Bouncing off the wall and heading down to the pool.
this is the starting zone of the 150 long rock slide!!!
good evening light...due to the shallow depth, the water temp was fine!
 We camped in a school parking lot, got up early and headed back to the slide rock. We were the first ones there so I tried out the birthday suit.
back to nature.
the mid morning sun must have adversely affected KLICH, as he tried on a discarded pair of daisy dukes.
This rock jump is just up stream from the slide. I was the first to step off the ledge.
all 3 going up..
Klich takes the plunge.
As the crowds began to surge at the slide rock, we bounced to Eugene and Pizza Research Institute.
Klich and Gina scurried off to Morning Glory for comfort food, while Ken & I enjoyed craft pizza.
Steven Seagal made an appearance at the local Eugene skatepark.
I challenged KLICH to back d up the extension and he got right to it.
Donald was the last park stop for the weekend.
Kenny began his quest for feeble fakies
 The slide rock adventure was one of the best of the whole year.......

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