Monday, June 24, 2013

what remains of DENVER

gonna miss MILO time on the porch
paid a visit to the Denver Zine Library
 A. welcome sign - come on in
B. the stacks
C. who we are
D. re-purposed zine holders 

we could only find one copy of my fav zine, EVASION
took the bike path to Food Not Bombs and scored

bananas & berries had me in free smoothies all week
Hit up the NEAT MARKET pig out fest... gyros!

the juice ladies
BBQ scallions!
found a mini Eiffel Tower on my bike ride

love the signs at the Mercury Cafe
 I did yoga at the Mercury Cafe and it was so surreal to do yoga in the same room where 25 years prior I'd seen Quicksand, Jawbox, & Seaweed. Some of the best shows of my life went down in this room and here I am doing yoga. Piper the instructor was great and inspiring.... so glad I went.
definitely bugs me when smokers stand right next to the door

kicked it with neighborhood icon, MICHAEL.
self filmed a few tricks at the DENVER red park. blunt

boardslide transfer

I think this is my favorite spot to wallie in the USA

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